leomessifanpage asked: "Shut the fuck up , why lie ! ? You know shit about it . I will stop , When you stop being hater on messi girlfriend"


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coralsimanovich: Miss my sisters @lee_alon @deanweiss

coralsimanovichMiss my sisters @lee_alon @deanweiss

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Anonymous asked: "Most of her fanblogs don't speak Spanish so I believe that they read an article and they got confused with the meanings of boyfriend, fiance, husband etc. I remember the same thing hapenned with the speech of Leo at Golden Ball Gala where she said a spanish word which doesn't mean husband but girlfriend. :)"

I don’t know…

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Anonymous asked: "Anto broke up with that boy two years before she started dating Leo. It's a huge lie that she broke up for dating Leo and it's really bad that you spread lies just because you don't like her. We respect your opinion, many agree with you, so what's the point in lying? :("

I don’t lie. I only say things that are true as far as I know. Of course, at some things I may be wrong but I never say something false intentionally.

And as far as I know there was not an two years gap.

Anonymous asked: "I don't think that this is true because I live in Argentina and I have heard many things about her family and there is no way that they would allow her to be engaged in that age."

It’s normal that you do much things your family doesn’t want during your teenage years..

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Anonymous asked: "I respect your opinion and of course is your blog and you can write whatever you want but I think that it's not right to talk about something that you don't know. I google it (because I trust your blog) and I couldn't find anything. It was probably a misunderstanding on Internet and it isn't real."

I don’t know, I always thought she was engaged.

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Anonymous asked: "Das stimmt doch gar nicht das Antonella verlobt war! Die war schon immer mit Messi zusammen. LOOOOOOL."

Na sicher, die waren doch schon als Kinder zusammen :D

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Anonymous asked: "That she had a relationship doesn't mean she was engaged with that boy. Don't believe any rumor you read on Internet, I can't find any article which says that, so I guess it was just a fake and unreliable text with no research behind."

I’m not sure where I read it… but I think it was an Antonela fanblog. Why would they say she was engaged if she was not?

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Anonymous asked: "Aber wieso kannst du Anto nicht leiden? Sie hat doch nichts schlimmes gemacht. Nur weil sie vor Leo mit jemandem verlobt war heisst das noch lang nicht das sie diese Person nur wegen Leo verlassen hat."

Soweit ich weiß hat sie ihn wegen Leo verlassen, aber das ist eh nicht der Grund warum ich sie nicht mag.

Sie hat bisher in ihrem gesamten Leben noch nie gearbeitet, also hat sie auch kein eigenes Geld. Trotzdem trägt sie nur teure Designerkleidung. Ich kann solche unselbstständigen Weiber, die sich von ihrem Freund alles in den Arsch stecken lassen einfach nicht ausstehen!

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Anonymous asked: "Anto war doch nich verlobt?"

So weit ich weiß schon!

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Anonymous asked: "J'ai honte de ton existence"

And now again on English/German please!

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Anonymous asked: "Omg ur a motherfucking asshole son of a bitch german!! Okay im totally unfollowing you! Srsly i hope all the germans diee !!"

What is wrong with you?!

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Anonymous asked: "Antonela war vor Messi schon mal verlobt? Das zeigt doch schon etwas über ihren Charakter oder nicht?"

Ja, war sie und wegen Messi hat sie dann mit ihm Schluss gemacht.

Aber nein, sie ist kein Golddigger, sie doch nicht! :D

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Anonymous asked: "Yeah but where did you read that? I can't find the article :("

I can’t remember it anymore, I know that since a long time.. But it’s true!

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